Afghan star burned her dress after religious criticism

The well-known Afghan singer and celebrity TV star, Aryana Sayeed, had caused a lot of reaction to the extreme religious circles of her country when she wore an impressive, skin-colored dress at a concert in Paris. This dress was the red cloth for religious leaders and a portion of Afghan citizens as it was considered quite revealing.

The singer did not let the reactions affect her, and she responded with a video on her personal Facebook account, in which she burned the dress

“Today we resolve one of the biggest current problems of Afghanistan

so we can start focusing on other bigger problems! ; It should be noted that the reason for this action of mine is not the pressure of those who still live in dark ages but to raise further awareness in regards to important issues within our society. -Aryana

Some users wrote under her account that they agree with her act of burning the dress, commenting that “we Muslims know that the nakedness of a woman is forbidden in Islam and is wrong”.