Acropolis Rally starts!!

Today begins the 2018 Acropolis Rally with 30 participants for the European Rally Championship (ERC) and 34 participants for the Greek Championships. After the start, the cars will be heading to the Markopoulo hippodrome, where the super-route will start at 15:26 and then the race will be transferred to the special route of Theva for the 30 km long route.

At the end of Day 1, they will find the cars “resting” in the Lamia exhibition area to continue tomorrow with 6 speed tests and finish on Sunday with another 4 tracks.¬†However, the race was kicked off yesterday with the Qualification Special, seven kilometers east of Lamia, which went uninterrupted with the exception of the overturning of Peugeot 208 R2 by Russian Artur Muradian, who returned to the Service Park with only minor damage.

In this special (which also determined the starting lineup of the first) Skoda’s official driver, Juuso Nordgren was faster by only 21 milliseconds from Alexey Lukyanuk. In his first race at the ERC, the 21-year-old Finn immediately made his speed clear, and his top time allowed him to pick his starting position first in the afternoon at the Service Park. Nordgren chose 12th, while shortly after, Lukyanuk chose the 15th.