A week after the death of his wife, he found something on her cell phone that shocked him

A man shared his story on Facebook when he discovered a photograph of his dead wife with the wedding dress, which she never wore. John, who has a Facebook page in honor of his wife, Michelle, Better Not Bitter Widower, shared a photo of her with the wedding dress and explained the story behind this photo.

“We got married in the courthouse a few days before her first surgery,” he explained. “We were in a hurry. To become an arogant. Not knowing if she would come out of the surgery alive. “John met and went out with Michelle to high school. They were separated for 8 years but met again.

Her rare form of cancer returned and the diagnosis said she was at the final stage, so they decided to make a “real marriage.” “She died two weeks before marriage,” he writes. “I’m changing so many things. At the top of the list is that I did not see her in the church. But she bought the dress. The wedding dress of her dreams.


She liked it very much. As she was hospitalized, she told the world how perfect the marriage would be. She did not understand that she would not make it. Michelle died without ever seeing her with her dream wedding dress.
John said he found her wife’s photo one week after her death.

“I was lying in bed, happy and at the same time sad,” he writes. “Tears were on my cheeks as I laughed aloud with the memory of how delusional it was. My bride. With her dress. ”

John said that although he wants to live a great life, to remarry, to make grandchildren and to teach the world love, loss and lamentation, he looks forward to the day he will be back with Michelle.
“When my time comes, I’ll run up there. To see her. “