A new study shows that aliens are purple!

New aspects of Space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life unfold a new scientific study by Maryland University, which concludes that alien beings could carry violet (purple) color.

According to microbiology professor Siljanja Dasmar and postgraduate researcher Edward Schmitman, who signed the study, it is almost certain that at the beginning of the evolutionary process of plants on the Earth, several microorganisms and bacteria were purple in color.

Based on this, the research concluded that other microorganisms on other planets could have followed this “violent” evolutionary path and which today is impossible to observe from the various telescopes looking exclusively for “green spots” , because of our belief that life development is based on the production of chlorophyll from the plant photosynthesis process, which gives them the characteristic green color.

Researchers believe that because of the unilateral search for “green stigma” in the hundreds of exoplanets found, it is impossible to identify any micro-organisms with a different color depiction such as purple, which may possibly have encountered aspects of extraterrestrial life without has been perceived by the processing, research and study tools we have at our disposal.

Subsequently, the scientific team referred to the photosynthesis of plants, which use chlorophyll to absorb solar energy for their photosynthesis, but without absorbing the “green light”, which is considered extremely energy-rich. According to the scholars this could happen because already something else (bacteria and unicellular organisms) already used this “tool” for their evolutionary path, in a process that is rarer than photosynthesis but extremely simpler.

In conclusion, the researchers said that the possibility of purplish microorganisms on other planets is real, noting that there are similar microorganisms and bacteria in our own planet, their presence on Earth being placed almost at the first moments of life developed in this corner of the vast Universe.