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A deaf baby listen his mother’s voice for the first time and his reaction is indescribable

Just two months ago, Charly Keane was born with a congenital hearing loss that affected both her ears. She spent her first days of life in absolute silence and with her young mother Christie reaching the limits of economic collapse, trying to secure her daughter’s hearing aids.

When it was done and the baby was using an acoustic, the way she reacted to the sound of the mother’s voice was shocking and fatally became viral.

The little one listens to her mother for the first time telling her “I love you” and the strange thing is not that she reacts, trying to imitate the voice he hears. The strange thing – as is shown in the video – is the adult’s grimace that makes the baby, but also the fact that she looks so excited, just as her mother does … “When this sweet creature locked her eyes on mine, I knew that she feels our love for her, how much we wanted to protect her, our hopes for her, “she said excitedly in the Johannesburg Midwest. So far, the precious moment where a daughter first listens to her mother’s voice has moved the internet with the relevant video counting more than 3 million views in less than a week.