8-year-old girl born with a rare genetic disorder has undergone 29 face surgeries

This girl was born with a rare genetic disorder that prevented the proper development of her mast tissue and bones. She has already performed 29 surgeries and needs continuous care to live. But despite her condition, she still has a will for life and does not cease to be a happy child.

Maisie Coulton of Hampshire was born with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS), a condition that caused deformities in her face and head. People with this syndrome also suffer from breathing and hearing problems.
As for Maisie’s parents, their daughter’s disorder caused them shock, as they expected their baby to be healthy.

“In the ultrasound, Maisie looked good, so there was no reason to worry,” her mother, Sarah Coulton, said to Daily Mail. “But once she was born, we learned that there were serious health problems. Maisie had problems with her face – she did not have ears and she could not breathe, so she was intubated immediately. ”

The surgery was only the beginning of what Maisie had to go through. The next day, she did tracheostomy, a process that creates a hole in the throat, in which is placed a tube that allows the patient to breathe.
Later, Maisie had to be transferred to St. Thomas in London, where she spent her first week on intensive. She stayed at the hospital for a total of 11 weeks.

Maisie made her first surgery when she was only 24 hours old and has so far had 29 surgeries on her jaw, cheeks and eyes. She will need to continue to perform surgery until she stops growing, that is, until adolescence.
“We had to learn how to take care of her tracheostomy and make weekly changes to the tube, “said Sarah.

“Everything was so tragic, I did not see her for the first two days and then I had to be more nurse than mother, but after six months things were getting better and that was a routine for us,” her mother said. Maisie feels comfortable with her appearance and is accustomed to people looking at her strangely.

She is also a happy child who brings great joy to her entire family. According to Sarah, Maisie is one of the happiest children she has ever met. “She’s an inspiration. Maisie is always happy to talk about her troubles to others and help them understand them, “said Sarah