8-month-old baby was born without a scalp

Nurafaiha from Zainabuli, Thailand, was born blind and without a scalp and can not drink milk like all other children except with the help of a tube. She needs a lot of surgeries to keep her alive. As the British Daily Mail reports, many people gather money through social networks to help the little 8 month born without a scalp and keep her alive.

Buddhist monks have it under their protection and care for her during Christmas. Monk Bhin and the following monks with him are known for their charity work in the area. The other four brothers of the little girl have no health problems but it is difficult for their father who works at a factory in the area to take care of the little one during Christmas who has to work more.

The monks have already gathered 5,000 euros for the multiple surgeries the little one needs to stay alive hoping that the amount will increase. The family has also been releasing through facebook for financial support from the world that has so far been positive and there are great hopes.