7 things that Bill Gates predicted 18 years ago – And became real

Below are 7 of Bill Gates’ most interesting predictions that have become almost reality:

Gates had predicted that people would carry “small devices” to allow them to constantly communicate with each other as well as check the news, check the times for their flights, and generally do … everything. In other words, he gave the perfect definition of “smartphone”.
“Private websites will allow us to talk to our friends and relatives.” In other words, Gates had predicted social media long before MySpace and Facebook.

“There will be automated price comparison services so you can compare the prices they play everywhere. The devices will know what you are buying and will show you specific ads according to your preferences and your budget.

Predicted community sites, stating that they will be formed according to common interests rather than based on a common site. Reddit is an excellent example of this.

Gates also predicted that there would be a system that would coordinate all devices that would actually help us when we need it. For example, he said then, you will tell what you want to eat and when you are in the supermarket it will tell you what to shop for. Gates called these devices “personal companions”. The Echo of Amazon is a good example.

“Employees will be able to connect to the Internet and find out exactly who are looking for the business they are working on and helping them.”

Gates had also predicted people would find jobs online. And yes, today, the Internet is the biggest intermediary between employers and prospective workers.