60,000 bees to the head of a young man

A courageous man from India known as “Nature M.S.” filmed himself with 60,000 bees covering his face. We are talking about the son of one of the most famous beekeepers in the country, who started the “tricks” with bees from the age of 5.

This particular movement with thousands of bees all over the head made it happen, as he said, “make him feel comfortable”. Everyday leaves the insects out of their cages and gather in his head. The student of agricultural sciences insists that he does not feel the bee sting as a nuisance but “like a playful sting”.

The young man has come to the point of claiming he can not continue his day naturally if he does not feel the bees circulating around his head. “The bees for me are like flies. You aces. Before I even felt their sting, I had created a relationship with them and I did not feel threatened. They have tickled me a lot of times but I do not hurt anymore. ”

Risky, for those not related to bees, the Indian says finally: “I have devoted my life to caring for the insects. The trick I did was to convince the population that they have nothing to fear from them. ”