58-year-old grandmother adopts twins with rare genetic distortion and devotes her life to make their own better

A remarkable woman loved two twin babies with a rare genetic condition and devoted her life to them since they were abandoned by their parents. Matthew and Marshall Trepanier are three years old today and their heads are large in size due to the Pfeiffer syndrome they suffer from.

58-year-old nurse Linda Trepanier from Lecceville from Minnesota, took them as a foster mother when she was four weeks old, as their parents felt unable to care for them. They then asked Child Protection Services if she was thinking of adopting any of the boys.

She told them that she did not want to seperate these beloved babies so she adopted them both! “When I first saw the twins I thought they were the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen,” says Linda. They had big heads and tiny bodies.” “As soon as I saw them I fell in love. I knew in myself that these boys were mine. ”

Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic defect that inherited the twins from their father, affects the baby’s face and skull. Matthew and Marshall were diagnosed with Pfeiffer syndrome and have severe deformities in their arms and legs, ears and protruding eyes. Their condition requires care around the clock and frequent visits to the doctor.

They need breathing tubes to survive and use wheel chairs to move, as this situation affects their mobility. They also wear glasses due to their poor eyesight. Linda has to check their temperature every few hours and watch out for their breathing tubes in the evening. The family of Linda and her friends say she is crazy that she decided to take on such responsibility at her age instead of waiting for her retirement.

But she replies that she does not care what her family say. “People do not understand it. They tell me, “These kids will kneel you,” but I had to learn to live with it. I feel blessed that I can make the lives of these children better, “said Linda.

Although the care of the twins is not easy, her career as a nurse has prepared her to take up the challenge. Linda takes care of sick children in her home since 1986 and since then she has raised a total of 16 children. “I was a little kidnapper and a child,” said Linda, who has three biological children – 27-year-old Gregory, 25-year-old Patrick, 24-year-old Marlys and three adopted children – 5-year-old Ethan, And 10-year-old Shay.

Linda believes that with the right care she is determined to give, the twins will be able to live a normal life. “It’s a really a hard job, but seeing them happy makes me happy too,” said the proud mom.