50-year-old found mummified in Spain!

A strange and rare story has seen the spotlight in Spain. Specifically, a fifty-year-old woman in the city of Cuyoeddo in the north of Spain died as police reported five years ago from natural causes, but her dead body was found today in her apartment mummified.

The unfortunate woman, as the coroner says, died of natural causes, and her body was mummified alone without the intervention of a third person. Her body was found by police officers who received calls from neighbors who noted that “we called the police because we tried to contact her for some scheduled work in the building and did not answer”.

Spanish media report that the woman, who, after her mother’s death, was depressed, was extremely low-pitched and never caused any problems. The residents of the neighboring apartment of the unfortunate woman noted that it never occurred to them that something bad had happened because never strange smell ever came out of the apartment.

The coroner who examined the corpse of the woman noted that her body had been preserved and almost “mutilated” without any trace of violence.