5-year-old suffers from a rare genetic disease and scares with his appearance

A mother decided to talk about her daily struggle and the drama of her family as her son has a rare form of genetic illness. “Harlequin fish”, also known as “baby harlequin”, is one of the most serious forms of genetic disease and particularly rare. Little Jared was born with this illness and her mother gives her a daily struggle, with the main purpose of integrating her child into society.

Five-year-old Jayden is experiencing social racism at school as there are mothers who tell their children not to play with him because of his disease, even though he is not contagious. The child has dry skin, appearance is frightening and there is no cure. Although many are not approaching him, Super Jayden has many friends.

His mother, Jane Blackford, said there were children who made him feel bad because they were not approaching him. This is because their mothers have forbidden it. “We were in a park and a woman approached us. He told me to keep my child in the shade because he was burned by the sun. She did not understand what he had and accused me of not being a good mother. Another day, I  heard a mother telling her son to stay away from Jain because of his illness. It breaks my heart, “said 25-year-old Jane.

The woman said the doctors understood that something was going on since Jadeen was born. She made caesarean and just asked her partner about how their child looks like, he replied: “I can not describe it. It’s like scars. ” “You may be horrified when you see him,” a nurse said. The doctors told me that Jared was very ill and would probably live a few days. Whatever they said, when I saw him, I was shocked. His mouth was open, it was like screaming. His skin was tough and bleeding from everywhere. They told us he has Harlequin fish. His condition was so severe that an infection could easily kill him. The nurse told us not to embrace him, “Jane said.

The 25-year-old said she loved him right away, and with her husband they did not get away from his side. On June 25, 2010, when Jain was just two days away, he put him in the operating room. Doctors had to remove skin from his palms and soles. The parents returned home and the baby was wrapped in gauzes. Every hour they had to change them because they were filled blood. Today Jared has learned to walk while being treated by an exclusive nurse and his mother. He will never be well, he puts lotion everyday and is in danger of dying if his skin is becomes like a stone. Nevertheless he has friends and goes to kindergarten.