“48 hour Challenge” death has just been reported in Russia

The first victim of the “48 hour Challenge” has been reported in Russia. The victim a 12-year-old girl left her home 3 days ago and their parents were really shocked. After the research of the police the girl was found in an abandoned house near Yekaterinburg. As Andrei Sokolov police officer who had found the girl, said, the girl was found in a sleeping position on an abandoned place. The 12-year-old girl might have lost her way to her home and due to the heavy rain entered the abandoned house. Forencic results will show the reason of her death.

48 hour Challenge“, a new fashion in social media is concerning parents and the authorities warn and ask for increased attention.

The “48-hour challenge” encourages kids to disappear. As long as they are dissapeared and the “test” progresses, as the news of their disappearance is all around the social media, the kids earn points.

“The test calls kids to disappear for up to two days at a time and gives them points for every report they have in social media while being dissapeared,” notes Tippencoe county sheriff, in Indiana, Bob Smith.

He warned that this test distracts and dissuades police officers from helping other people who may be in real need.