31-year-old is related to a 91-year-old grandmother and proves to us that the age difference does not count

This couple really believes that age is just a number and should not be an obstacle to true love. 31-year-old Kyle Jones, has a relationship with 91-year-old Margaret McCul. If you have difficulty believing it, check out the photos and videos below.

Kyle was not so revealing and said,

“We have a very physical relationship. We are talking on the phone one at a time, but it’s very sexual. We’ve come out sometimes, but our relationship is very sexual. Usually, I really like things that women are very worried about, such as neck lines and wrinkles. Women worry that their breasts will hang, but that’s normal and I like it. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery. I can not say I like gray hair. I prefer platinum. ”

The couple met in 2009 at a bookstore and Martzri accepted an appointment with Kyle, having spent 37 years alone after her divorce. Despite doubts about Kale’s intentions, he claims he is not chasing her money, and Martzori says he has no property anyway.

How does Martzari feel about this fact:

“At first I was envious of the other women, but it continues to turn back to me and tell me that I am the best. The sexual side of our relationship is wonderful.