£ 3,000Amazon fraud. Man bought bitcoin equipment and they send him…

While the market has not yet settled down if it is the holy chalice of the economy or a huge bubble, one is sure Bitcoin is not a DVD! Ichim Bogdan Cezar from Plymouth, England, spent £ 3,000 on Bitcoin equipment provider operating through Amazon just to get a copy of the children’s film «Boss Baby»!

He listened to the voices of Steve Bushemi and Alec Boldduin, but that was not exactly what he had ordered. Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, Cezar said: “It was very painful for me. What troubled me most was the fact that I felt that Amazon was not willing to make any effort to get my money back. I understand it is a huge company and may have many complaints, but this is something that has been going on since November. ”

He wanted to buy a product for Bitcoins (Tanli ASIC Processing Bitmain AntMiner S9 13.5 TH / s) for his brother-in-law who lives in Romania and Amazon does not deliver products there. He only got a DVD finally. He then addressed the vendor, the British Minifigures Direct Ltd, who told him that he had been wrong and that by December 16 he had the product in his hands.

Only that did not get anything at all and the charge was completed properly. “I would not have made it a matter, but it was a lot of money to let it go like this.” And his adventure with Amazon will continue.