3-year-old boy with chicken pox died from sepsis

A three-year-old boy died of sepsis when he scratched the pimples caused by chicken pox, according to his mother. 23-year-old Jasmine Shortland was destroyed when her son Bryan-Andrew Lock died in his sleep while staying in his grandmother’s home.

The working mother from Yeovil was originally informed that her son died of infant unexpected death syndrome on 11 August last year. But in February of this year it was revealed that the young boy had died of sepsis. Shortland now warns other parents to be particularly careful if their child has chicken pox.

The last words of Little Bryan-Andrew to his mom were “I love you” – and he looked absolutely healthy except for a sore he had on that day. Shortland said, “I was shocked. How can a three-year-old boy suffer something so rare? I cant understand it. ”

“Obviously he must have scratched one of his pimples and so the infection started. It’s so rare. I try to warn other moms. ” “If your child has chicken pox, there is a risk of infection by a pimple.” “I thought the chicken pox was normal. Every child is going through it. ”

“And my other kid passed it and he had no problem.” “I can not accept it. When I go to his grave, I am nauseated when I speak in a tombstone. I should have talked to him. He should start school this year. ” “I had to accompany him  as groom in the church, not to accompany his coffin. It is still difficult for everyone. It’s still very fresh. It has broken me down. ”

The young mother added that her partner, 21-year-old Josh Wescott, and her other children, Isaac Mayoss-Wescott, Ivan Mayoss-Wescott, and Austin-Edwin Mayoss-Wescott are the ones who give her courage. She adds, “It is the worst feeling I could ever feel. ”

Bryan-Andrew and his brother, Austin, stayed with their grandmother in the evening so that little Ivan, who was 4 months old at the time. When the grandmother went to wake him up at morning, she discovered that Bryan-Andrew was cold and did not get up.