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3 Facts You May not Know About Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan, born Anne Frances Robbins and first lady to former president Ronald Reagan, died this Sunday at the age of 94. Nancy was known for being a devoted advocate for her causes, a committed wife to her late husband, and quite the involved first lady and advisor. However, some details may have missed the headlines during Nancy’s life, or simply, some details might have been forgotten!

1. She was a Feminist that was interested in being a wife, not growing a career

Nancy may have got a lot of criticism about her strong devotion to her husband’s career, but she had no patience to such censures. In a 1985 interview, she announced that she was a proud feminist and that “feminism is the ability to choose what you want to do.”

Nancy had previously mentioned that she was “never was a career girl”. After graduating from college, Nancy wasn’t ready to get married nor did she want to go back to Chicago; hence, the logical decision was to start a career, which she did as an actor though she never had a burning desire for an Academy award.


2. She was a advocate that supported several issues in her lifetime

The most famous of Nancy activism issues was the “just say no” anti-drug abuse campaign that aimed to educate the American people and prevent them from resorting to drug abuse. Another time Nancy advocated a cause was in her first appearance on film in 1940; the movie was created by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, and was designed to raise money for polio prevention. Finally, a cause that hit home with Nancy was Alzheimer’s as the love of her life and life’s partner “Ronnie” died due to this disease. Nancy was such an activist regard the legalization of stem cell research, that she kept pushing for her cause despite it being at odds with George W. Bush’s advantage, him being in the Republican Party which her late husband also belonged to. Nancy later on praised Obama for lifting the ban Bush had previously placed on the research.

3. She was Her Husband’s Most Active and Trusted Advisor

One friend of President Reagan once noted that there wouldn’t have been a Governor of President Reagan without his Nancy, as she was powerful source behind the scenes. People knew that if you wanted to get a policy question to the president, whether official or personal, you could call the first lady. People knew Nancy had influence on the President, which is why many would come to her to make their case. Nancy was known to be Reagan’s active advisor, and reportedly, her input was appreciated by everyone in his Cabinet. But to Nancy, her real concern was always her husband; she would do anything to support “Ronnie”.