A 27-year-old girl is auctioning her virginity to open her own business

A 26-year-old woman from Britain has auctioned her virgin as she says she wants to raise money to open her own business. Jasmin, who lives in London, put the “ad” on a famous escort website in the hope that she will eventually be able to collect a fair amount.

The biggest “bid” so far is ¬£ 90,000 with the 26-year-old hoping the final price will be higher. Speaking to British media Jasmine argued that her parents agreed that the idea she had to put her virginity in the auction was good instead of waiting for the right man.

“I would like to wait for the ideal man but I can’t wait¬† anymore. So I chose another way that would make me happy. I’m sure of my choice, “the 26-year-old said.

The owner of the site, 27-year-old German Yan Ziakobelsky, claims he has doctoral certificates for the virginity of Jasmin, who is estimated to be the first British to take such a move. In her self-description Jasmine says she is 1.76m, weighs 52kg, her breasts natural, she loves travelling and movies, she loves her roses and her favorite scent is Gucci or Versace.