26-year-old uploaded her brain surgery on YouTube – They removed her of malignant tumor

Not only are those content creators on YouTube who upload important moments of their everyday life in social media, from marriage to the birth of their child. Few times, however, you will see images of less pleasant events, such as brain surgery.

A 26-year-old woman, who deals with beauty, filmed and shared with her subscribers the surgery she had to remove a malignant tumor that had been formed in her brain. Cortney Elizabeth Warner was diagnosed three months ago with third-stage cancer and brain surgery was one-way. She made it possible and continued to upload content to social media, and she informed her followers of any changes in her health.

Recently, she has uploaded video from surgery to remove the tumor from her brain, in which one can only see her own reactions. As the tumor was in the part of the brain responsible for the speech, she had to be in constant contact with the doctors to be able to understand if they hit a sensitive nerve.

The doctors have told Warner that they have removed 95% of the tumor and that the remains will be eliminated with chemotherapy. Her video has more than 200,000 views on YouTube.