24-year-old uploads these photos to facebook and immediately become viral

“We all have things that we fear, others are afraid of insects, others of death, others of height, other of planes, many fear to communicate with people, how strange and unnatural they may be, but some can not stand strange holes, or patterns,

But some can not stand strange holes, bumps or motifs. Indeed, it is a common phobia and is called tryphophobia. Of course, even if you do not have this phobia, you are most likely to feel uncomfortable as soon as you see these photos. A 24-year-old woman, Bridgette Trevino, picked up a picture from a man’s hand, a hand full of “bloody holes.”

It was shared over 60,000 times, and there were many reactions from those who claim to have tryophobia. Bridgette Trevino is a makeup artist who aims to make the illusion of a badly beaten hand. She used candle and various tools to do it.

When Bridgette uploaded the video, Facebook was forced to write that these wounds are not real after receiving a report from users. Facebook has even warned of inappropriate images. She was very pleased with all this attention her video received.

Many of the complaints were from people suffering from prying: “I understand that their phobia is real, although a small percentage of the population has it. Many people claim that they have panic attacks because of my job. ¬†However, Bridget refused to delete the video because she is proud of her work and the attention she drew, especially because many believed the wounds were real.

“They threatened me to delete the images and video. I understand them but that does not hurt me. If the result is not scary, then I do not do my job well. ”
Her makeup skills are amazing. She may not be a pro, but she seems very talented. Surely this phobia is unpleasant, but instead of censoring the internet, it would be helpful to help these people cure.