22-year-old shocking confession: “Anorexia almost killed me”

The young girl has now surpassed the nightmare of eating disorder – Publishes photos since she was 31 pounds to raise public awareness A 22-year-old girl who has just been weighing just 31 pounds because of the anorexia she suffered from.

Today, having left behind the nightmare of the eating disorder, the young Austrian seeks with her story to awaken society for this very important problem and to give courage to the women who are facing it. As part of this effort, Koestler publishes shocking pictures of her body and shares the details of her nightmare, which fortunately in this case had a good ending.

Because of the honest of the suspensions, who are not afraid to show the horrible face of anorexia, the girl’s account at Instagram now has 120,000 followers. The 22-year-old receives daily dozens of messages from girls and women with the same problem and always keeps giving them courage, helping them to understand that this is something that can be overcome.

As for the change in her own life, she is truly spectacular. The young Austrian, who had once reached the point of eating three crackers a day, now has a healthy weight, which even allows her to engage in sports and, in particular, rowing.

“I know the pictures I posted are shocking, but we should not be hiding from the truth. Anorexia is a cruel disease that kills the body and the mind. I hope these tough pictures will encourage as many girls as they have to ask for help. Looking at myself as it was at that time awakens me bad memories, but today I am happier than ever, “said the young girl in a British newspaper.