22-year-old loses his life in a mysterious crash. But when his cell phone was found, the shocking truth was revealed

Daniel Denz was an extroverted and talented young artist with great dreams and even greater imagination.

The 22-year-old huged his mother Nancy and went to work. But just an hour later,

Nancy was informed that her eldest son had suffered a terrible car accident. Her life changed in a moment.
Nancy, knew that her son somehow lost control of his car before rolling over the embankment and crashing into a ravine. Witnesses rushed to try to save him, but Daniel died quickly. The cause of the accident was initially unclear to the investigators, but then a stranger noticed an open cell phone on the highway.

It was the young man’s phone and what he discovered on his screen helped to share the young moments of the young. Now, Nancy shares a bad warning for anyone who wants to hear. She hopes that her son’s tragic story will help save other lives.

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