$ 200.000 offered an elderly person to a mother to buy her daughter

At the arrest of an elderly man who attempted to buy an 8-year-old girl from his mother in a big supermarket proceededĀ  Port Orange police in Florida. Tracy Nigh sat with her daughter on a bench in the supermarket when Hellmuth Kolb approached her and talked with her.

“It looked like a friendly conversation. At first glance, she did not appear to be a threat, “she describes at WKMG. He first asked if she was married and then if she is selling her 8-year-old daughter!

“The first amount he offered me was $ 100,000, the second was $ 150,000 and his final proposal was 200,000. I told him then ‘no, we have to leave,’ says the mother.

She got up to leave, but the 81-year-old man grabbed her daughter and kissed her on the wrist. She immediately hurried to the supermarket guards and reported the incident. Security cameras recorded the incident, and the authorities found Kolb via a credit card transaction, as well as social media where another woman had reported a similar incident.

The elderly was eventually arrested on Saturday 29/9 with the charge of assault and was taken to a local jail.