20 minutes for school lunch is quite less

These days, high emphasis is being laid upon the needs of school going children. Special attention is always advised for school going kids, regarding their education, diet, activities, routine, developing lifestyle habits, behavior, and much more.

Many schools around the globe provide lunch to the children from their own sources. Recent studies point out towards the importance of appropriate lunch time for the students. Analysis studies performed in this regard say that children are provided with lunch time, which is less than required.

According to a recent research from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, kids have a time period for lunch, which is less than 20 minutes. This makes them unable to consume adequate amount of their food as compared to those students who have ample of time to eat. This study was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on 11th of September, 2015.

The adjunct assistant professor at the Department of Nutrition at Harvard Chan School, assistant professor at the Department of Health Sciences at Merrimack College, and the lead author of this study, Juliana Cohen states that several students, with special consideration to those who have a low-income family background, count on meals which their school provides to them for making up to half of their daily energy intake. Hence, it is quite necessary that these children must be provided with adequate amount of time to consume their lunch.

Eric Rimm, who is a professor of epidemiology and nutrition, at Harvard Chan School, as well as the senior author of this study, says that the National School Lunch Program aids in feeding over about 30 million children across the U.S, in about 100,000 schools, still less research has been done in this matter.

The federal guidelines have recently raised the nutritional standards of school lunches, however, there is still no rule that states the amount of time students must be provided to consume their meals.