Up to 2.7 million users in Europe are were affected by Facebook scandal

Up to 2.7 million Facebook users’s personal data ” may have ended up ‘inappropriately’ with Cambridge Analytica (CA), the European Commission today, relying on the data provided by the popular social networking site .

With this estimate for Europe, the total number of 87 million Facebook users potentially affected by the scandal, which was revealed by the founder and CEO of the media Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, is confirmed.

In an email, Facebook confirmed that personal data of up to 2.7 million Europeans or people residing in the EU, to be more accurate, may have been sent to Cambridge Analytica inappropriately, “said Christian Vigad, Commission spokesman.

This email was sent in response to the European Commission, which last week asked Facebook to provide them with a brief explanation of the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal.¬†Facebook explains in its letter “the measures taken since then,” Vigad says, adding that the European Commission will “scrutinize” the response of the social networking site.

Cambridge Analytica regained 87 million users in 2014 through a psychological test to which 270,000 Facebook members responded. Facebook learned in December 2015 that Cambridge Analytica had retrieved data and requested its deletion, Serry Sandberg said.

“We had to verify it,” she underlined. “We were given legal assurances that they had deleted them. What we did not do was the next step, a check, and we will try to do it now. “