An 18-year-old has committed suicide because her husband challenged her virginity

“I can not stand it anymore,” 18-year-old Rajabi Kudred told her parents, just before she died. The young lady put an end to her life because her 40-year-old husband did not believe the results of the tests she had done to prove she was a virgin. The laws, customs and social pressure exercised in Tajikistan led the 18-year-old to choose death from life.

For her 18-year-old, according to Radio Free Europe, her family had decided to marry 40-year-old Zafar Pirou, and under law she had to be examined to prove her virginity.

Her husband, however, finally disputed the positive result of the examination and demanded that the 18-year-old be subjected to two more similar examinations. But she refused to accept the results of these tests and announced that he would marry another woman.

A few days later – and just 40 days after her 40-year marriage had been decided and she had passed the exam – she decided to commit suicide.

The girl’s parents revealed that their daughter shortly before she died, said she could not withstand the pressure her husband was taking. “I can not stand it anymore” was the girl’s words. According to her mother, Fazila Mirozova, her daughter was “the victim of slander and violence”.