$ 170 million fine will pay YouTube for exposing children to inappropriate videos

YouTube is accused of violating the law by exposing children to inappropriate videos or collecting personal data about them, have agreed to pay a record $ 170 million fine in the US and better protect the data of children using it. platform, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

This out-of-court agreement, which is expected to get the green light from the justice ministry, is the most important to date in a case involving child privacy, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today.

In April 2018, 23 organizations protecting digital rights and child protection filed a lawsuit with the Consumer Protection Authority. The plaintiffs accused YouTube of collecting minors’ personal information (tracking, device used, phone numbers) without parents knowing about it, and using it to allow targeted ads.

The FTC will receive 136 of the $ 170 million in fines and the remaining 34 million will go to the New York State Department of Justice.

“The FTC was praised for businesses that were potential customers for its popularity with children,” said Authority Chief Joseph Simmons. “However, when it came to complying with the law, the company refused to recognize that part of its platform was clearly intended for children. There is no excuse for how YouTube violated the law. “

The out-of-court agreement, which the two FTC Democratic commissioners opposed considering it not serious enough, forces YouTube to change its methods.

“We will be processing the data of those who view child pornography on YouTube as coming from a child, whatever the age of the viewer,” said Susan Wojcicki, president and CEO of YouTube, in a statement issued after the agreement was announced. .

The data collection will be limited to what is needed for the service to function properly and there will be no more targeted ads for this type of content as well as the ability to comment, he said.