16-year-old takes a last selfie before dying. Police is shocked when they saw the tragic event on her cell phone

16-year-old Sofiya Magerko from a small Ukrainian city Izyum always wanted to become famous. She had participated in many beauty contests, she was active on social networks and had over 3,000 followers at Instagram.
Sofiya spent most of her time out with her friend, Daria Medvedeva. That fateful night, the 24-year-old took Sofiya in her car before going out. They were entertained and informed their followers by takig selfies.

After a few hours, Sofiya decided to record their beautiful moments. While in the car going to the next club, the 16-year-old started brodcasting live at Instagram. They listened to music, drank alcohol, dancingthe, and everything was excellent. Although they knew the dangers, they, like many others, thought that nothing would happen to them. But then it was too late – a loud bang and a creepy silence sounded.

Unable to see properly due to the light of the camera, Daria lost control of the vehicle and violently collided to a barrier. After a while, two men arrived and discovered the terrible scene. They immediately called the police and ambulance, but it was too late for Sofiya, who died instantly. Although Daria survived, she died of injuries as she was transferred to the hospital.

Everything continued to be recorded by the camera and broadcast to the shocked followers. The following video shows the tragic last moments of young women: