13 year old committed suicide in live broadcasting on Instagram

During the live broadcast via Instagram a teenager tragically lost his life when he accidentally shot himself in the US. The 13 year old Malachi Chemfil transferred immediately to hospital Grady Hospital, where he left his last breath.

His mother, Sanika Stevens was at home when the shocking accident happened. She said that her son was trying to shoot a video clip holding the gun. It argues that this is not suicide, but an accident. “I heard a loud noise. I could not figure out if he was shot or something. I realized that something was wrong, “said K. Stivens.

Then she ran to her daughter’s room small but the door was locked. “I kicked the door. We found him lying on the floor in a pool of blood. My daughter cried to me: “Mama turn off his cell phone.” When I went to turn off the mobile saw that it was broadcasting live on Instagram », she said and added:

“Gathered around 40-50 kids out of the house. I guess it was the children who watched the live broadcast and live near here. The pain will never leave. The image of him lying on the floor will never leave my mind. ” The mother of the unfortunate young man does not know where her son found the gun, and the police make inquiries.