13 confirmed deaths from Storm Florence on the east coast of the US

The survivors are over 400, while only in North Carolina more than 750,000 households were left without electricity. The US National Center for Cyclones (NHC) has announced that Florida may gradually weaken in a tropical storm, but warned that the flood risk (from river overflows) remains for much of North and South Carolina. That is why the authorities have called on residents who have left their homes not to attempt to return to their homes.

The observed rainfall due to the cyclone rose to historical levels causing extensive floods.

In North Carolina the storm has caused at least 10 deaths, of which 8 have been formally confirmed by the authorities. Among them, a mother and her baby who lost their lives in their home from a tree fall, as well as three other victims of “sudden flooding” on streets.

According to the US media, a total of 13 deaths were recorded: except for 10 in North Carolina, another three were recorded in South Carolina, among them a 61-year-old woman killed on Friday when her car hit a tree had fallen into the street. Gusts of very strong winds and torrential rains have caused significant damage. Many roads remain blocked by falling trees and electric poles. Part of the city of New Burn, with a population of 30,000, is under the waters since Friday, with hundreds of residents trapped. This tourist city is located at the junction of the Newz and Trent rivers.

More than 400 people have been rescued and 4,200 homes have been damaged, the mayor of New Bern Denina Autllo said on Saturday. “It is a priority to draw water into the city,” but “the return time has not yet come,” he said, speaking to CNN, addressing the 1,200 residents of the city who have fled to reception centers. In search of safe shelter not only humans but also wild animals:

The tropical storm has caused other hazards such as the poisonous snakes that have been displaced.