11-year-old gave birth to her 13-year-old brother’s baby






Parents transferred her to the hospital for “stomach aches” and the doctors found that she was in the late stages of pregnancy! A shocking and unbelievable case is being investigated by the authorities in Spain, where an 11-year-old girl gave birth to her 13-year-old brother’s child!

11-year-old girl gave birth at Murcia hospital in south-eastern Spain last Friday.

According to local media, her parents transferred the 11-year-old to the hospital because she complained of “very strong stomach aches”. There the doctors presented her with a series of examinations and found that the child was in the final stage of delivery!

Police officers were immediately summoned to the hospital, whom the girl said that her child’s father was her older brother, only 13 years old! The little girl brought the baby to the world with a normal birth, although a birth at this age poses many dangers even for her life and she is now in a state of litter with the newborn with her.

The family are immigrants from Bolivia, and at the moment the boy is not accused of anything, as there are no indications of rape. Police research now expects the results of DNA tests to investigate the case. What is shocking is the fact that this is the second birth of a young girl in the same hospital over the last three months, as last November the same happened with a 12-year-old.