11-year old drag queen

Little Jason Thomas Kerr turns on stage in his alter ego, Suzan Bee Anthony, for two years, giving his own show. He says he started wearing women’s clothes from the tender age of 3 and soon wore dresses with wigs and makeup with the help of his mom and his two siblings, 19-year-old Olivia and 17-year-old Trinity.

When he told his parents, 40-year-old Victoria and 34-year-old Greg that he wanted to join his first Gay Pride, she agreed and supported him in his decision.

Despite the fact that a good portion of the world congratulates the parents standing by their child, his example has also been harshly criticized. Ecclesiastical circles have condemned his actions, and some conservative authorities even get to point out that he will go to Hell with what he does.

His mother tells him: “He likes to be transformed into a woman, gives him such confidence … Seeing his change and how happy he is doing, that makes my heart fill with joy. I could not care less about what people say about me, I know that many are critical of gay and drag culture, but generally people are supportive ”