10-year-old girl pregnancy has shocked the world

The pregnancy of a 10-year-old girl from Argentina, probably followed after her rape by her uncle who has been arrested today, shocked public opinion in Mendoza province.

The 10-year-old, whose identity has not been revealed, complained to her mother about abdominal pains. She went to Mentosa’s hospital, where doctors diagnosed she was 32 weeks pregnant (8 months). The child remains hospitalized.

“The child did not realize she was pregnant. She is a bit fat and she did not realize she was 32 weeks pregnant, “explained Advocate General Alejandro Gule on Mendoza Télévision.

After the girl’s filing, the prosecutor in charge of the case, Cecilia Bigner, ordered the arrest of her 23-year-old uncle, who stayed for a few months in the family home. 23-year-old who may be imprisoned for “sexual abuse” will be examined for DNA.

Abortion is forbidden in Argentina only if the pregnancy is the result of rape or endangering the life of the mother. However, in this case, the prosecution authorities considered that abortion could not be made because of advanced pregnancy. Parents of the age of 10 should decide whether to take care of the baby or give it for adoption.